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Donate to Twin Oaks Horse Sanctuary.

“Your heartfelt contribution allows us to live out the rest of our lives peacefully and gracefully.”
~ The Horses of TOHS


About Us

When Christy started our little sanctuary in 1988, she started it has a little boarding stable with her partner Ken.  Once they filled the barn with boarders, Ken suggested that they buy a few horses for either sale horses or as extra horses since some of their boarders were couples and they really couldn’t afford two horses, but like to ride together   In 1989, they went to an auction, and purchased four horses.  It was the first time Christy had experienced something like that, and it stuck with her.  A lot of the horses were old and or injured and this is how they ended up, being kicked and beaten to get up, when they could barely stand, and then sold for meat or being left to die. What an end. She vowed two things to herself, one she would never go back to another sale, and two her horses would not end up at such a miserable end, and she has kept that promise to herself and those horses.

Over the years, the four horses they purchased have been trail horses, show horses, lesson horses. They gave a few people their first experience riding a horse, or they were their first show horse, or their first trail horse.  We started to realize, of course, that these horses were growing old, and that soon they would have to retire.  You see the sway-back coming, the little white hairs on the face, the deep eye sockets, all signs of aging.  It also hits you that there is also more than an unwanted young horse population, due to over breeding, the bad economy, etc., but that senior horses are unwanted as their “usefulness” is gone, and they are and economic burden in many peoples’ eyes.  We at Twin Oaks Horse Sanctuary have a real problem with that as we feel that if a horse has given their all whether it be as that lesson horse, trail horse, hack horse, show horse, or brood mare that they deserve to live out their years being loved and cared for until nature takes it course.

We set up our little sanctuary for the purpose of letting our senior citizens of the horse community live out their lives peacefully.  We have the track pony, the lesson horse, the family horse that the family can’t use anymore, the horse whose owner became ill and couldn’t keep anymore, the rodeo horse who can’t rodeo anymore, or the broodmare who can’t be bred anymore.  They come from different backgrounds, different breeds, but they all gave their time and now they have their time to grow old gracefully and that’s what they do at our sanctuary.

Of course, as mentioned, this is a big commitment financially, and to keep our horses, well, happy and safe, donations are greatly needed as every dollar goes towards the animals.  All of our help is volunteer and we don’t take one penny for ourselves.

Thank you in advance for any help you can give and for more information, you can visit us on Facebook, e-mail us at twinoakshs@optimum.net, or snail mail us at P.O. Box 284, Lake Grove, NY 11784. Phone (631)874-4913