Atilla & Jan

Atilla and Jan are two of our newest members. They are Friesian brothers and were imported from Holland as babies. They have been together for all of their 20 plus years. Jan is about 23 years old and was a dressage horse. Atilla is about 20 and was taught to pull carriages. Unfortunately, they came to a point in their lives where their owner could no longer keep them. At one point, they were being starved. When they were rescued the first time, they actually had a dead horse in the pen with them. They were days from being put down, when we took them in. We felt that they gave their time, why should they come to such a demise through no fault of their own. We also felt that Sham and Montana would be pleased that in the same way we took them as a pair and kept them together, we took Atilla and Jan as a pair and are keeping them together. They are two of the sweetest horses and fan favorites.

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