Cookie & Trixie

Cookie and Trixie are better known as the munchkins; they came as a pair. Cookie is about 14 and Trixie is about 16. They have been with us about 4 years. Trixie the little, chubby, grullo mare was found in Pennsylvania in what would be described as the mini-horse version of a puppy mill. She must have foaled several babies. She lost her left eye due to neglect and was full of worms. Cookie was owned by an elderly couple who could no longer keep her. We were asked to take them by another rescue who asked that they stay together.  At the time, we had another little Shetland pony who had lost his friend and was very lonely. The girls turned out to be the answer to his pony prayers as they are like three peas in a pod. They are both happy and healthy and show no signs of their former neglect.

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