This is Dealer, a 30 year old Thoroughbred.  The next time anyone takes a lesson on one of the barn’s lesson horses, think of Dealer.  Dealer was a lesson horse at a local barn for 15+ years when the barn was sold and Dealer was sent to a sale pen.  Another local barn picked him up as a lesson horse, but soon realized that he was not up to it any more.  If it was not for one of his students loving him and worrying about Dealer, Dealer would not be around.  He had 5 different homes in one year, which is terrible for a horse his age.  When he came to us he needed weight and had other issues.  Dealer now has a nice little belly on him. His ribs are no longer showing and he now takes long naps in the sun. That is the kind or retirement he deserves. The student that saved him visits him every weekend and volunteers her time in helping us.   Not every lesson horse will have a student who loves them like this.

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