Lily is a 15 year old Thoroughbred. She has been with us about seven years. Lily is younger than our senior citizen members, but she demonstrates the problems with over-breeding and throw-away horses. Lily’s registered name is “Queens Conquest”. She never raced as she has poor feet, but of course, she was bred very young. The foal damaged her during delivery so she cannot be bred anymore and can only be ridden lightly. This is all by the age of eight. What was anyone going to do with her? We were approached about giving Lily a home by someone who worked at the track and took a liking to her. We agreed to give her home and a few of the younger girls that were helping us at the time worked her lightly and had fun with her. We keep her sound and happy and she gets to spend her days with her best friend Roxie. She is no longer an unwanted, throw-away horse.

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